Missions & Beyond – by Pete Norval

Missions & Beyond – by Pete Norval

The over-arching principles deployed at WCFC Missions

  • WCFC has never had a desire to plant itself out into Namibia – our desire has been to discover what Father is already doing, and find ways to support His work, particularly among the less-reached peoples of Namibia
  • Our Mission here in Cape Town is to REACH, EQUIP and SEND, so whatever we commit to, must align with this broad Vision
  • We hold the view that local, indigenous churches need to evangelise their own communities, for maximum effectiveness – our role is to encourage and assist them, by equipping them with tools and teachings that we have found useful


Reports on the visits to Namibia during 2018

Logos Family Church and School (Keetmanshoop)

  • The 2018 visits by all three WCFC Elders with a number of others were a highlight, to provide sound input into the Logos Family Church leadership group.
  • A total of four visits to Logos Church was undertaken by Missions groups, involving about 10 different members of West Coast – the cross-cultural value of being part of these visits was excellent.
  • A separate trip by a team of Intercessors and West Coast Christian School teachers was very blessed, leading to great joy and impartation!
  • In summary, our personal relationship with the oversight and leadership at Logos Family Church has continued to grow and deepen during these visits. There is much appreciating from those that we share with up in Keetmanshoop.
  • Logos Church also hosted the first Namibian World Mission Centre Live School Facilitation training session. Logos have initiated their first Live School, which we salute and bless to see taking place!


ACE Schools Namibia (general)

  • We found that we have much credibility among the ACE schools in Namibia (Agape in Windhoek and Otjiwarango, CRC School in Rundu, Liberty Heritage in Ongwediva), and will continues to advise and counsel ACE structures in Namibia.
  • We have been formally invited to address the Home Schoolers Graduation event at Okahandja in October.


Shammah ministries (Ongha, Ovamboland)

  • There has been real progress at the local Shammah Church at Ongha, and our relationship continues to grow.
  • There is a strong desire to develop an ACE school there, on their own church premises (they have already begun a small pre-school) – we feel strongly to assist with this, once suitable premises are available.
  • We assisted three of the Shammah leaders to attend and participate in the Live School Training down in Keetmanshoop, so there is a hope that Shammah will host such a School in due course (once again, dependent on suitable premises).


Other ministries, churches and schools visited during 2018

  • Africa Leadership Institute in Windhoek: a mutual sharing of Kingdom vision for the nation, lively interaction, prayer together, and an offer from ALI to continue in friendship and fellowship.
  • Bride of Christ Church in Ondagwa: ongoing friendships and mutual encouragement. They have a massive children’s ministry, providing feeding and housing to many children.
  • Schools at Ongwediva (4Square), Rundu (CRC ACE school) and Otjiwarango.
  • We spent time with the Chair and Vice-Chair of Kavango Christian Church Association, who invited Mike to address their annual Conference, in late April 2019 (done together with Farming God’s Way) Epoli ministry.


Strategic Plans for the way forward (2018-2019)

Logos Family Church and School (Keetmanshoop)

  • Ongoing visits to Logos Family Church by Missions leaders, and all three Elders, are firmly on the planning board. Opportunity and commitment exists to grow the leadership at Logos, to deepen Kingdom relationships, as well as participate in preaching and teaching at Logos (our REACH and EQUIP Values).
  • We will assist with ongoing visits by West Coast Christian School staff, learners and administrators, to strengthen the Logos School structures. Logos ACE School will benefit from regular visits and inputs from WCCS Principal, as well as teachers and senior learners. This has the added benefit that it provides our learners with growth opportunities and cross-cultural experience (both-way EQUIPPING)

Activities at West Coast Family Church

  • Communicate the Mission activities into Namibia to the West Coast family, so that support in prayer and interest is Missions is encouraged (REACH Value).
  • Regular Missions and Outreach prayer meetings are required, to stir up the members to look beyond the immediate needs in the West Beach area (REACH Value).
  • Actively develop and mentor the next generation to take over the reins in a 3-4 year time horizon (this will of necessity include those with technical and creative skills, to drive the communications flow into the family at West Coast). As well as which, the relationships developed over the past 20 years need to be grown, to include the new participants in the wider team (EQUIP Value).